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Job opportunities

HARVEST WORKERS - 2 positions

We are looking for 2 harvest workers to work in the driers and grain stores from mid August to the end of October.

Applicants need to be able to operate computers, work under pressure, and have some general mechanical aptitude.

Job involves operating the weighbridges, sampling lorries, controlling the drier and associated plant, working in a team with others.

A telehandler qualification would be an advantage.

Please apply to Mark Stevens initially by email in confidence to: mark@cropmech.co.uk

Mark Stevens, Cropmech, Huish Farm, Merton, Okehampton EX20 3QE

DV Grain Samplers

The DV grain sampler provides the fastest, easiest and safest way to sample grain from an open trailer, essential for large farms, Grain Stores and Mills. The sampler allows safety and ease of testing all cereals, flours, rice, seeds and straights with extreme rapidity without altering the quality of the product during sampling.

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