The fastest, easiest and safest way
to sample grain from an open trailer,
essential for large farms,
grain stores and mills.

The DV grain sampler provides the fastest, easiest and safest way to sample grain from an open trailer, essential for large farms, Grain Stores and Mills. The sampler allows safety and ease of testing all cereals, flours, rice, seeds and straights with extreme rapidity without altering the quality of the product during sampling. At an unbeatable price, with fast and easy installation, the DV grain sampler has proven to be a reliable asset to established and developing sites.

For more information about the DV Samplers or for a quote, contact Mark Stevens 01805 804 356 or 07970 830 123

DV Hydraulic Grain Samplers from Cropmech

Since 1987, DV have been installing hydraulic Grain Samplers all over the world. CropMech Ltd have been the UK distributor since May 2014. Since the launch at Cereals and followed up with the Lamma show, we have successfully installed samplers throughout the UK, and can give points of reference from Devon to Scotland. We are fully equipped to supply, install and support the samplers throughout the UK, either directly ourselves or through our agent JW Installations.

With an option of two different probes, double suction and spiral, we can install the type of sampler suitable for your business needs, whether it is a grain store or feed mill site.

The samplers are now supplied fully Galvanized to increase the life of the machine.


DV Hydraulic Grain samplers from Cropmech

Grain Sampler Standard installation

Two types of probe

DV Grain sampler dimensions and specs