A modern grain storage and
handling facility with a capacity
of over 30,000 tonnes.

Cropmech has owned Risdon Mill since 2010. The site has been transformed in this time, turning it from a disused feed mill into a modern grain Storage and handling facility. We have added a 40t/hr Drier, a second intake, cleaners and new elevators and conveyors. Risdon Mill compliments our other storage and handling facilities at Huish and Petrockstowe to give a total capacity of 36,000 tonnes.

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Risdon Mill

Grain Storage and Blending Plant

We bought Risdon Mill, in 2010, as a strategic site for us close to the A30 in the middle of Devon and Cornwall, as a redundant feed mill. We invested heavily into the site, putting up buildings and equipment to create an efficient Grain Storage facility. This we expended year on year, with the latest investment of £430,000 in 2015 of a further 12,000 tonne store and new access road. This was a new building supplied by C & R construction, erected and ground works completed by our own staff with our machines when we could spare time around the rest of the contracting operations. (See gallery below.)

In 2015 we had the additional opportunity to manufacture the blends for Mole Valley Farmers and Three County Feeds. Considerable investment was put into this, with a bespoke blending plant being created in one of the grain stores. We now have a fantastically efficient plant, run by a good team, who take pride in what they are producing.

With the grain stores on the same site as the blending plant, there is a marvellous opportunity for grain stored with us to be sold and utilised in the blends, and in so doing safe transport, energy and most importantly cost with no movements off site at the point of sale. This gives cost benefits all round. 

We have customers storing Grain with us from all over Devon and Cornwall, including many trade accounts. We provide a good modern facility with competitive prices and a straight dealing policy.
36,000 Tonnes Grain Storage – GTAS Approved - Split between 2 Sites:

RISDON MILL – Close to A30 Okehampton EX20 3AJ

We can offer you...

• Harvest opening hours 6am to 10pm, 7 days a week.
• 3 intakes.
• 2 Public Weighbridges (Registered with Trading Standards) tested annually.
• 2 Large Capacity Drying Systems.
• Cleaner.
• 7 Large Stores and 21 Bins for segregating special commodities.
• Rolling Mill.
• Rigid or Artic Lorry Transport available. We can collect or you deliver.

Store your grain with us and benefit from

• Good Storage in Modern Buildings.
• Efficient Service.
• Fully Insured - we take the risks.
• Grain close to the market when you want to sell - we are in the middle of 5 of the biggest South West Feed 
 Mills and major users of Cereals.
• Or the option to take it back to the farm rolled or whole and use it yourself.
• No Ties. *Totally Independent. *Freedom to Sell to Anyone. *No Long Term Contracts.

Commercial storage

As well as grain we are able to store various other products across our various sites in the southwest including but not restricted to:



Road Salt



DV Grain Samplers

The DV grain sampler provides the fastest, easiest and safest way to sample grain from an open trailer, essential for large farms, Grain Stores and Mills. The sampler allows safety and ease of testing all cereals, flours, rice, seeds and straights with extreme rapidity without altering the quality of the product during sampling.

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